About The Graduate School of Engineering & Sciences

The Graduate School of Engineering and Sciences aims at educating scientists who can follow and contribute to the cutting edge developments in science and technology, conduct advanced academic research, publish in leading scientific publications, educate the next generation scientists, and conduct new interdisciplinary collaborative research.

In accordance with its mission and vision, the Graduate School contributes to the advancement of science and technology, to the enhancement of collaboration between academia and industry, to public education, to cultural and social enrichment of life in T ürkiye , to the design and planning of high-quality built environment, and to the preservation of natural and historic environment.

The Graduate School administers all the compulsory procedures related to the graduate education in coordination with the individual disciplinary programs under its roof, the registrar's office, and the rectorate.

The academic and administrative staff of the Graduate School consists of the dean, the vice dean, the administrative secretary, and seven administrative staff. The organizational structure and the academic and administrative staff are as follows:

Dean: Prof. Dr. R. Tuğrul SENGER

Vice Dean: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Erdem ERTEM

Vice Dean: Assist. Prof. Dr. Tolga AYAV

Administrative Secretary : Seda AKTAŞ

Executive Committe

Prof. Dr. R. Tuğrul SENGER

Prof. Dr. Orhan ÖZTÜRK

Assist. Prof. Dr. Tolga AYAV

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emre Mustafa İLAL

Administrative Staff




Seher Burcu ARSLAN


Melis Medine UYAR

Ahmet HAK